We all want to be happy, don’t we? But then again, it’s better to be a miserable Socrates than a happy pig… so maybe more than being happy, we want to live a fulfilled and meaningful life? Many self-help books, TED talks, courses, podcasts, retreats and spiritual paths try to help us live life well.

This semester we will explore what Christianity has to say about happiness, meaning and significance. Where are they found? How can we survive the sufferings and disapointments of life? What part does religious faith and hope play in all of this?


NB: The ‘The God of Love, Joy and Peace’, ‘Creative interaction with a Pslam’, ‘Creative Arts and Christian Gatherings’ and ‘Mental illness’ audio was delivered at our at our Student Leaders Vision Day and Uni Fellowship Engage conference, addressing core members of our group. Because of this original audience, they may not contain as much contextual information and clarifying comments as our Citywide Gathering, Breakfast Sessions and Lunchtime Sessions.