AFES's National Training Event is a national conference. It is usually held in Canberra at the end of the year. In 2024, NTE will be in different regions around the country (TAS, WA, SA & NT, VIC, Sydney & Illawarra, ACT & Regional NSW).


The University Fellowship of Christians Launceston and Hobart, along with FOCUS and Subbies will join together in July for two full days of Bible study, evangelism and mission training.


  • Mikey Lynch is the preacher for our main gatherings. The sermon theme will be 'how do we live now, as we wait on the edge of eternity?'.
  • Our small Bible exploration groups will study the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes.
  • There will be workshops about different ways that cultures think about life (worldviews) and how we can share the gospel of Jesus with people from different worldviews.
  • There will also be social time, delicious meals, singing, pray and fun.


NTE is a non-residential conference, with billeting options offered for those outside of the southern region. All lunches, dinners and snacks included.


About Mikey Lynch

Mikey is the team leader of the AFES staff team at UTAS, Hobart. Mikey is a graduate and past student president of the Uni Fellowship. Mikey was a founder of The Vision 100 Tasmanian church planting network and is currently a board member of Reach Australia. He is also the Editorial Director of The Gospel Coalition Australia and the chairman of New Front Door: the Church IT Guild.


Mikey is the author of  The Vine Movement: Supporting Gospel Growth Beyond Your Church (Matthias Media: 2023) and The Good Life in the Last Days: Making Choices When the Time Is Short (Matthias Media: 2018). He is married to Nikki and has three children.