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What is a Christian?

The Story is a beautiful 6 minute video produced by an American organisation that gives a good overview of the Bible's main message. The 'Two Ways To Live' site also gives a good, visual summary of the main Christian message and what it means to respond to Jesus as the saviour and loving ruler of the world.

I am starting at UTAS next Semester

We'd love to get in touch with you and help your transition to uni be a smooth one. Even if you are planning on going to another uni, we'd love to put you in touch with the AFES group there!

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Answers to common questions about Christianity

On our Sermons page there are links to some sermons on common questions about Christianity.

What are your main events?

We plan all our events and activities to help us share the gospel of Jesus with the Hobart campuses of UTAS and to equip Christian university students in the Christian life and ministry, order to raise up a new generation of pastors, missionaries, church planters, evangelists, youth leaders and active church members.

Who are you? What is your mission? What do you believe?

Our 'About' section answers these questions.