Are you studying in Launceston at the Newnham or Inveresk campuses?

The University Fellowship of Christians Launceston is a group of Christian students who are focused on learning more about Jesus during our time at uni.

We do this by spending time together on campus during the week where we read the bible and talk about what it says. Anyone can come along, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you believe!

The group is for Christians who want to grow in their relationship with God and understanding of the bible and also for people who aren’t Christians but want to find out what its about or ask the hard questions of life and belief in God.

We believe Jesus did live on earth and die on a cross and rise to life again and we think this is really good news that everyone should hear and investigate for themselves.

Come an explore Christianity and make some deep friendships at uni.

If you want find out when and where we meet shoot us an email at or press Sign Up on our Facebook Page and we’ll let you know the details.