Pre-Season Conference

Kick off your uni experience by coming back early from the summer holidays to join with new and returning students to get ready for the new year of mission on campus. We organise a relaxed program with a generous mix of thoughtful teaching, practical training, free time and social activities.

New to Uni? Pre-Season is a particularly great way to transition from your High School life to your new University one. It provides an opportunity to find familiar faces, make friends and start working out what your faith looks like in the new phase of life you now find yourself.

Wednesday 17th - Friday 19th Feburary @ Wellspring Anglican Church building (corner of Lord St and Grosvenor)

  • $83 FULL conference (17th-19th Feburary)
  • $59 Evening ONLY
  • $10 for Uni Fellowship hoodie (old design only what is in stock)
  • FREE Uni Fellowship T-Shirt for FULL rego first timers at Pre-Season Conference ($25 sold seperately)
  • $250 NEW Conferences Golden Ticket: Pre-Season & Mid Year Conference LIMITED ONLY TO THIS REGISTRATION.

Timetable 2021


9am Rego Opens
9:30am Main Session: Jonah chapter 1–2 -The castaway prophet and his Creator
10:30am Morning Tea

Split 1: 1st Timers - AFES & Uni Fellowship
Split 2: Returning Students - A Theology of Prayer
12pm-1pm Lunch DIY - Marieville Esplanade
1pm-2pm Fellowship Groups or Campus time
2pm-3pm Together: Making sense of God
3pm-5:30pm Afternoon Activity: Bush walk or Botanical Gardens
5:30pm Dinner: Subway in the Courtyard @ Wellspring Building
6pm Evening Activity: The Wellspring Cinema Experience


9am Doors open
9:30am Main Session 2: Jonah chapter 3 - An astonishing call and response
10:30am Morning Tea

Split 1: 1st Timers - The Christian Gospel & its Life
Split 2: Returning Students - Public Bible Reading
12pm-1pm Lunch DIY - Parliament St Park
1pm-2pm Fellowship Groups OR Campus time
2-3pm Together: What you bring: serving
3-5:30pm Afternoon Activity: Sports, Beach and Board Games
6pm Dinner and Dessert: Restaurant Banquet @ Annapurna or La Mensa in Salamanca followed by dessert from the floating ice-creamery in the dock & Dessert


9am Doors Open
9:30am Main Session 3: Jonah chapter 4 - Two totally different characters
10:30am Morning Tea with Local church ministry leaders

Split 1: 1st Timers – Local Church
Split 2: Returning Students - Working out our world: Discernment
12pm-1pm Lunch DIY- choose your own adventure
1pm-2pm O Week Mission Training
2pm-3pm Together: Being organised in all 'the things'
4pm-8pm Afternoon and evening activity with Dinner: Chillout and burgers @ The Waterworks Reserve (Site 9)