Uni Fellowship Engage

During each semester we take some extended quality time out together to build relationships, stretch our theological thinking and digging deeper into practically working gospel truths out for our life on campus.

The broad topic of Semester 2 is Discipleship with a choice of practical electives. 

Please register here

  • Thursday 14th September 3:30-9pm (but come as early as you can and stay as long as you are able)
  • @ Wellspring Anglican Church Building, Corner of Lord and Grosvenor St, Sandy Bay
  • Cost: $25 includes dinner and Uni Fellowship student society membership
  • Dinner, drinks and snacks will all be provided.


3:15pm Registration opens

3:30pm Session 1. Origins: The History of Christianity – ‘Institutions and Denominations’ 

4:30pm Afternoon Electives:


1.     Anxiety

With Tom Pugh


2.     Para-Mission work

With Noel Carpenter


3.     From the world of University to the world of work

With Wil Longbottom


4.     Confidence!

With Christina Jolly

5:30pm Uni Fellowship Society Annual General Meeting

6pm Dinner

7pm Evening Electives:


1.     Anxiety

With Tom Pugh


2.     Origins: The early art of exegesis

With Andy Maskell


3.     Para-Mission work

With Noel Carpenter

8pm Session 2. Origins: The History of Christianity – ‘Mysticism’


9:00pm Close

 The broad topic of Semester 1 is Evangelism with a choice of practical electives.