Uni Fellowship Engage

 During each semester we take some extended quality time out together to build relationships, stretch our theological thinking and digging deeper into practically working gospel truths out for our life on campus. The focus in semester 1 is on 'Evangelism and 'Discipleship' in second semester.
JOIN US - Saturday 10am - 4pm @ Wellspring Anglican Church Building, Corner Lord and Grosvenor St, Sandy Bay.
Engage is FREE and will be followed by a casual time of hanging out together.
Please RSVP 'Going' on the Facebook Event.



10am Main Session 1: Heaven&Hell

11am Morning Electives (cuppa and cookie in electives)

1. Does the Bible condone slavery?

2. What actually is Discipleship?

3. Popology: interacting with and dissecting popular culture

4. Social justice and preaching the word: an oxymoron?


12pm Uni Fellowship Society Life meeting

12:30pm Lunch - Pizza and Salad

1:30pm A light hearted lunchtime debate: A Baptist, a Presbyterian and Anglican walked into a (Lunch) Bar

2pm Afternoon seminar

1. Telling your good news story

2. Moving from the world of uni to the world of work


3pm Main Session 2Heaven&Hell

4pm Finish

4:30pm Informal hangout