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Sarah Eddleston


Hi! I’m Sarah, I’m a Christian, and I thank God that I can live each day as his child. Amongst the beautiful calamity of life, I am able to not only find refuge and peace, but a love and goodness that is infinite and unconditional. Owning my faith and giving my life wholeheartedly to God is a journey, and a journey which I am so blessed to share with friends from all over the UTAS community. The time that I spend at Uni Fellowship is one of the biggest encouragements and blessings in my life. Each of us cling to the same God and trust him to be our anchor, supporting one another on our own faith journeys. 

I attend church at Summerleas Christian Church, a gospel-centred family who have a real heart for supporting and loving one another in their walks with the Lord. Being part of that church has grown me in my faith and love for the Lord, pushing me to really reflect on what God’s plan is for my life. 

I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Music at the Hedberg, specialising in Jazz Piano Performance. Music has always been my passion and I believe that it has such a power to move people. Creating music that has meaning and makes people feel something really excites me and spurs me on in my studies. 

Being a part of the Student Committee is a real blessing for me, as I know how much of an impact Uni Fellowship has already had on my life. Having the opportunity to help lead something which is making such a difference in the lives of students during their time at university is something I thank and praise God for.


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