Jordan Poland

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Jordan Poland


Having known Christ from a young age due to my parents' faith and ministry, I chose to follow Christ when I was 14. At that time I came to realise just how real God is and how important the gospel is for my life. From that point onward I have had to keep growing in understanding of what it means to have Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Having heard and understood the good news of Jesus and felt the Grace of God, I am super keen on sharing this with others.

I moved down to Hobart from Launceston in 2016 for Uni. Since then I have been attending Wellspring Anglican Church, studying Maths and Physics, and living at Jane Franklin Hall. I love bushwalking (and most outdoor recreation), sport, cooking, maths and talking about Jesus. I have accepted this nomination as I am keen on serving my fellow Christian uni students and helping them grow. Whilst serving on the committee I hope to grow as a Christian, help others grow in their faith, and preach Christ to the university.

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Student Committee
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