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David Humphrey


Being a Christian is not just a unique part of my overly complex life, but the backbone of everything else that I do. I was raised in a Christian family, but I only came to repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus when I was 15. When that change occurred and that I had now found myself knowing Jesus, I have devoted my life in pursuit of ministry. I am studying at UTAS at the moment, doing a double degree in business and IT, but I also do my own personal theological study. I have been given the opportunity to serve as an MTS Prepare intern and I also serve at my home church of Wellspring Anglican.

In my spare time, I like to just sit down and relax with mates and watch films to recuperate from my busy lifestyle.

I hope to be an encouraging voice on the executive and I pray that my experience in many other ministry positions will be a good addition to the ideas that will be floated to make Uni Fellowship a great group to be a part of, for both Christians and those that are yet to know Jesus. In all that I do, in all the struggles that I go through in my life and every uphill battle I face living in our modern age, I always find comfort to keep pursuing Christ in the salvation of the Cross and the hope of the resurrection. I wish for all who I meet to know Jesus as I know him, as Lord, Saviour, and most surprisingly, friend.

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