Anita Kapinga

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Anita Kapinga


My Christian faith is the most important part of my life; it is my joy to get through the day, and it gives me purpose for my future. I became a Christian when I realised that I was never going to be able to stand before a righteous God if I was relying on my own efforts to be good enough. I had to humble myself and learn what it meant to truly trust in Jesus as the perfect sacrifice for my sins. God transformed me, and continually does so by His Holy Spirit. He has changed my heart and given me a passion to share the message of hope with those around me.

Uni Fellowship has played a crucial role in my learning and development as a Christian since I started attending in 2017, when I moved to Hobart. My life here involves studying Business/Law, attending Kingston Reformed Church and helping with Uni Fellowship activities. I also enjoy exploring the great beaches/waterfalls/coffee shops that Hobart has to offer.

I have accepted the nomination for President/Vice-president because the mission of Uni Fellowship is important and effective, and I am keen to continue to serve my fellow students as we together proclaim Jesus Christ to the university.

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Student Committee
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