Anita Kapinga

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Anita Kapinga


Becoming a Christian has been a very gradual process for me. I have known about the ‘Saviour Jesus’ my entire life due to faithful teaching from my parents and churches. It was two years ago however, that my knowledge became a heart thing. Through the work of the Holy Spirit my heart was changed and I knew that Jesus Christ is my Saviour and Lord; He is a personal God that requires a personal relationship, and I needed Him. I fully accepted God’s grace and forgiveness, and gave my life over to Him. Since that time I have been striving to draw nearer and nearer to God, fighting my own selfish desires as best I can, and letting His plan direct my life.

My life involves studying a combined degree in Business and Law, attending and participating at Kingston Reformed Church and Uni Fellowship, visiting my hometown Launceston, and trying to keep a social life alive. My interests include playing saxophone, exploring new places and possibly most importantly drinking coffee.

I have accepted the nomination to become secretary of the student executive at Uni Fellowship because I totally agree with the mission to evangelise UTAS while discipling one another. I want to be involved in this mission and believe that this role will be a challenging but also fruitful way to serve God as part of a great team of people working for Him.

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Student Committee
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